how much time does it take to profile publish on the escort list?

It takes up to 24 hours after profile submits successfully.

Can I update my status?

Yes, you can update the status anytime.

how to verify my photos?

Go to Dashboard > verify photo
When we’ve confirmed your photo matches our example gesture photo and your profile, your other photo will be verified.
1) Your gesture photo will not show to any other users. It's only for the verifying process.
2) The photo verifying process takes up to 24 hours.
3) After verifying your photo when you update your any other photos that time you have to verify again with this gesture photo.

how can I delete my profile?

Go to Dashboard > Delete account

what is the status of your photo?

Three status of your photo
• Pending:- photo submit successfully but in process of verify
• Accepted:- photo verify by admin
• Rejected:- photo rejected by admin

which type of photos not accepted?

Pornographic photos not accepted
Photos with watermarks not accepted
Stock photos from google not accepted

Can I upload my video?

Yes, you can upload the video.

Can I upload my voice?

Yes, you can upload the voice.

How can I hide my profile?

Go to Dashboard > Hide Profile
switch off for hiding profile and switch on for show profile

How can I log out of my profile?

Go to Dashboard > Logout

Advantages of visitor login?

1) Add escort to favorite list
2) Full HD escort photo access
3) Full HD escort video access
4) Like to escort

Is website access free for the visitor?

Yes, Website access is free.

How can I login as Clubs / Agencies?

Go to Clubs / Agencies Page using the top menu button then log in with email.

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